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Soy Harvest Candles



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hey saucebox -  it's your birthday and you are creative, passionate, cheerful and humorous.  treat yourself to whatever you want and treat yourself like a king or queen.

dates:   july 23 - august 22

element:   fire

compatibility:  gemini + aquarius

fragrance profile:  luxurious and sensual scent of ivy,  violet flower & iris sitting on a soothing base of vanilla, praline and musk.


size:   16 oz 

burn time:  100 hours 

drinking time after:   unlimited 

This is a reusable drinking glass that we want you to use!   Once your candle is finished simply use some hot water and soap to clean the bits of wax residue.   It is dishwasher safe and everytime you drink from it you will be part of the saucebox family. 

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